Our Services

AKNEV Solutions is an organization offering quality services in IT & Software Engineering. We offered services like Web Development, Cloud Staffing, Software Development etc…

Web Development

Count on our talented team with exceptional web development experience to establish your brand, automatize processes, collaboration or just about anything that you can think on web.

Software Development

We develop Software solutions by applying the most innovative technologies, a combination of Continuous Delivery with Agile methodologies.


We help our Clients grow their businesses in entirely new ways, The most crucial aspect of this process is the ability to get insights from your data

Cloud Staffing

It is a co-production of the most reliable outsourcing practices with software development methods which includes web-based communication and cooperative work technologies such as project management, design, development and testing

Data Migration

AKNEV IT Services will help you ensure that the quality of your data is improved as you move it from one system to another. This will enhance the return on your investment and provide you the ability to make better and effective business decisions.

Infrastructure monitoring

One of the most important tasks in IT infrastructure monitoring is timely identification and reaction to possible threats and issues related to performance of infrastructure and applications. We offer custom-tailored scalable IT infrastructure monitoring services to satisfy your specific business continuity requirements

Contract Recruitment

Direct Hire


Worlds of innovation

Aknev IT Solutions is a one of the leading companies that delivers user-friendly, efficient, amazing and cost effective IT solutions to steam roll your company’s technology front. Our proficiency in the field helps expedite the building of human and structural machinery of IT systems propelling companies to achieve maximum productivity, cost efficiency, and future proofing; after all business is a continual dealing with the future and we assist you leveraging it with ease.